Excellence In Education. Award-Winning Creativity.
Winner of numerous academic, professional and artistic awards, Clark is dedicated to providing the very best in educational and professional services.

Clark possesses state teaching certifications and has extensive experience in Education, Publishing and Interactive Media.  She holds a MFA in English and has completed over 340 semester hours of psychology and behavioral science-related subjects. With specialty training from New York University's Graduate School of Business and practical experience in Transmedia, Clark's expertise in developing print and online interactive content makes her the educational and publishing consultant of choice.
Winner of the BRIO Award for Literary Excellence, she has received international arts training and is a Dean’s List graduate. A former model and concert dancer, Clark is acknowledged for her achievements in the award-winning book Literary Divas: The Top 100 Most Admired African-American Women In Literature. She has written articles for Publishers Marketing Association; she has also been featured in Publishers Weekly. Her commentaries on education and literacy have aired on C-SPAN, ABC, NBC, CBS and BET Nightly News.
Specializing In Language Arts & Creative Disciplines
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